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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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Farm Foreman PC Planting and Harvest Management Software

From Seed to Grain one PC package, two seasons

Be the master of your harvest inventory. Know exactly where each bushel came from and where it went including calculating shrink. Farm Foreman is an intuitive harvest and planting data management Windows® PC solution. Producers input their operation's setup data and transfer to the 2060 indicator via USB. Planting and Harvesting transactions are easily transferred back to Farm Foreman via USB and data can be managed for multiple grain carts or seed tenders from one PC, eliminating redundant data entry. Farm Foreman allows the user to easily calculate the shrinkage for grain, saving time for manual calculations and avoiding human error.

The flexibility and data tracking abilities of Farm Foreman are industry leading.

Know exactly what came from your field and where it went.

Inventory Management

Knowing exactly what you have delivered to each location, including automatically calculating shrink, is just a mouse click away. Managing your post-harvest grain inventory has never been easier

Easily track grain or silage. When entering in grain types the user has the option to mark them as silage. All reports will calculate yield based on tons per acre instead of bushels per acre. This is especially useful for non-grain crops including sugar beets

Manage Seed Costs

Seed is expensive, making it vital to track what was planted where. Farm Foreman manages the transaction data from the 2060 to provide additional hybrid field records. If there is an emergence issue, Farm Foreman makes it easy to track where each lot was planted

Data Entry and Management

Enter field setup information at the same time for multiple indicators

Keep track of separate plots within a field by defining hybrid, acres planted, or other customized criteria

Set up delivery truck details with tare and gross weights to prevent exceeding road restrictions

Enter all the hybrids you plan to plant along with where you plan to plant them. Easily change the default hybrid selection for the field from the 2060 if the hybrids assigned to that field changes


Sync 2060 Field Foreman data using a USB thumb drive to the Farm Foreman program on your PC


Five default Harvest reports: Transactions, Fields, Hybrids, Delivery Locations, and Trucks

Three default Planting reports: Transactions, Hybrid, and Field

Three default Planting reports: Transactions, Hybrid, and Field

Custom Data filters can be saved so the producer can customize specific harvest or planting information that meets their operation's needs. Each crop year can easily be archived creating an easy to reference record for insurance claims and production history

Create, print and save reports in PDF format or export data to Excel

Export filtered data to Excel or XML formats for use in other PC applications