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Monday, September 25, 2017

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Planting and Seed Tender Weighing Solutions

Improve farm efficiency and simplify bulk seed handling using highly accurate data - plant more acres in less time.

As your operation grows, the window of time to plant stays the same. Avery Weigh-Tronix's simple to use, cost effective, leading edge planting and seed tender solutions provide the efficiency you need to plant more acres in less time.

Weight indicator options:

2060 Multi-purpose Indicator

The 2060 indicator boasts industry leading technology while providing a simple, user friendly interface. A fully featured indicator that includes a Load/Unload scale along with Ag specific application software. Click here for more information.

M3060 Touchscreen Indicator

The advanced M3060 Indicator features a touchscreen interface for full control of the Field Foreman grain cart (grain chaser) software. This unique software program has powerful data collection and export capabilities specifically tailored to grain cart (grain chaser) applications. Click here for more information.

Software options: Field Foreman

Accurate planting and harvest data to improve your bottom line and the efficiency of your operation, Avery Weigh-Tronix's Field Foreman software provides a single solution for your planting and harvesting needs.

Field Foreman Features

Track up to 8 pro boxes/hoppers individually: Field Foreman allows you to individually track up to 8 pro boxes/hoppers with one scale system, ensuring you know the exact amount of seed left in the pro boxes/hoppers.

Track Seeds/lb by pro box/hopper: Tracking individual seeds per pound by pro box/hopper provides accurate insight into exactly how much seed you have left and how many acres you can plant.

Pro Box Tare: Deduct the pro box weight from each box so you know exactly how much seed you have.

Fill planter hoppers evenly and with the exact amount needed to plant your field: Efficiently minimize seed cleanout allowing you to plant the next hybrid faster.

Track Seed Usage: Easily measure the seed used across farms and partnerships at a click of a button. Transparent records allow you to easily use and track bulk seed.

Leave your calculator at home: Field Foreman makes all the calculations for you. Simply enter in the acres you intend to plant and the average seeds/acre and Field Foreman tells you the exact target weight for filling the planter.

Custom alerts avoid overfilling central fill planters: Set an alarm light to flash at preset target points, including half way and total target weight.

Hopper Planters: Target weight is divided evenly between total number of hoppers (up to 16).

Easily track which seed treatments were used, by field: With the ability to select from a list of user defined seed treatments and fields, knowing which treatments were used for each field provides valuable information.

Optional SmartGate feature: Once a target gross weight is reached, the optional SmartGate kit automatically sends out an output to stop the auger or close the gate, helping to eliminate human error and potential overloading.

Software options: Farm Foreman

Farm Foreman is an intuitive harvest and planting data management Windows PC solution. Producers input their operation's setup data and transfer to the weigh indicator via USB. Planting and Harvesting transactions are easily transferred back to Farm Foreman via USB and data can be managed for multiple grain carts or seed tenders from one PC, eliminating redundant data entry.

The flexibility and data tracking abilities of Farm Foreman are industry leading.

Farm Foreman Features

Manage Seed Costs: Seed is expensive, making it vital to track what was planted where. Farm Foreman manages the transaction data from the 2060 to provide additional hybrid field records. If there is an emergence issue, Farm Foreman makes it easy to track where each lot was planted.

Data Entry and Management: Enter all the hybrids you plan to plant along with where you plan to plant them. Easily change the default hybrid selection for the field from the 2060 if the hybrids assigned to that field changes. Keep track of separate plots within a field by defining hybrid, acres planted, or other customized criteria.

Syncing: Sync Field Foreman data using a USB thumb drive to the Farm Foreman program on your PC.

Inventory Management: Whether you are a farmer or seed dealer, data showing exactly what you have delivered to each customer is just a mouse click away.

Reporting: Create, print and save reports in PDF format or export data to Excel.

Click here to download the Seed Tender Application brochure

Click here to view the Planting and Seed Tender Weighing Systems product page

For more information, please email us at ag@awtxglobal.com.