Avery Weigh-Tronix: Scales for Agribusiness - 1040 Indicator with TDS-1040
Thursday, May 26, 2022

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1040 Indicator with TDS-1040

Simplify batching and manage feed costs with the full-featured Models 1040 and 1040XL weight indicators. Use the alphanumeric keypad to assign names or numbers to ingredients or pens directly from the indicator.

Transfer Data Software (TDS- 1040) combined with the full-featured Model 1040 or 1040XL indicator provides an economical feed management system for TMR mixers. Enter ingredients, recipes, and pens from the PC and transfer to the indicator or use the alphanumeric keypad and enter directly at the indicator. All batching and feeding information is easily transferable between the two.

Eliminate feed sheets
Simplify batching
Assist in managing feed costs
View usage history of individual ingredients
Easily review what was last fed to a pen from the indicator

For more information, please email us at ag@awtxglobal.com.