Tuesday, October 21, 2014

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Animal / Livestock Weighing Solutions
Planting and Seed Tender Weighing Solutions
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NEW! XLR-6 Remote Display

The XLR-6 remote display features bright red LEDs to clearly show scale data in any lighting condition and at extreme viewing angles. The RS-232 interface allows instant connectivity between an indicator or other serial device. Rugged steel enclosure is specifically designed for the toughest agricultural environment. Robust, common sense design provides long life and easy serviceability of individual components.

Highly Visible - High brightness, high resolution LEDs and a large 2 inch (51 mm) alphanumeric matrix display (4.5 inches (114 mm) overall, including bar graph), provide clear viewing of weight readings and messages

Reduced Glare - The tinted anti-reflective lens further improves visibility during daylight hours by reducing glare.

RS-232 Interface - Connect to any product with a serial interface including PCs, all Avery Weigh-Tronix indicators or other manufacturer indicators with an RS-232 port

Detailed Messaging - Whether a simple weight reading or a detailed message, the 8 character XLR-6 model keeps your message easy-to-read

Transmitter / Receiver - Advance through ingredients during batching or perform a standard key function on Avery Weigh-Tronix indicators

Full Width Bar Graph - Get an easy visual reference during loading or unloading with a bar graph that spans the width of the display

Click here to view the XLR-6 product page

Click here to download the XLR-6 specification sheet

For more information, please email us at ag@awtxglobal.com.

The "Weigh" to Maximize your Farm Profits

Smart Farm Solutions

Grain Cart (Grain Chaser) Weighing Solutions

 Proof of yields for Federal Crop insurance
 Verify/calibrate combine yield monitor
 Analyze yield performance

Feed Ration Management Weighing Solutions

 Drive Profitability with Efficient Solutions
 Calculate True Feed Costs
 Improve Herd Health

Animal / Livestock Weighing Solutions

 Bluetooth EID capable via herd management software
 Chute Weigh - Easily converts existing squeeze chute (cattle crush) into scale
 Alley Weigh - solution for narrow alley ways and smaller livestock

Planting and Seed Tender Weighing Solutions

 Verify planter seeding rate/calibration
 Evenly distribute seed when filling hoppers
 Fill hopper to exact amount needed to finish field

Application Management Weighing Solutions

 Manage application rate of costly fertilizer
 Track total manure or fertilizer spread per field
 Helps meet EPA and regional environmental requirements

Inventory Control Weighing Solutions

 Bin and Hopper Scales
 Legal and not Legal for Trade Truck Scales
 Platform Scales