Saturday, July 4, 2015

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Avery Weigh-Tronix joins forces with global leader Nestle for new Dairy Farming Institute in China

Avery Weigh-Tronix is pleased to announce its new partnership with Nestle as the preferred partner in weighing technology for their prestigious Dairy Farming Institute (DFI) in Shuangcheng, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, China. The partnership with Nestle will see Avery Weigh-Tronix offer their expertise and advise on accurate weighing equipment for the three progressive farms of varying size located at the DFI in addition to supplying the weighing equipment.

Click here to read the full press release

Introducing iForeman, the smarter way to harvest data

iForeman smart-device application for grain carts can link your grain cart to your smart phone and tablet for live data on the move. Currently available on the iOS platform, the iForeman app can be downloaded from the Apple Store and used on your iOS smart device in place of a traditional scale indicator. iForeman's simple touch screen interface records key information including commodity, field, and delivery location of every load.

iForeman's auto unload detection, SmartLoad, ensures every load is automatically recorded. The iForeman grain cart solution consists of the iForeman app for your smart device and the i60 serial processor. The i60 simply connects to your j-box interface cable and through Bluetooth, wirelessly sends the weight data to the iForeman application, eliminating cable clutter in the tractor cab. An unlimited number of devices can be synced with the i60 Bluetooth to view the grain cart's weight in remote mode. This allows truck drivers and combine operators to know exactly what is in the cart and what has been unloaded in real time.

iForeman simply and accurately records every load. When the producer wants to review data they can easily email the report from the smart device.

Click here to download iForeman from the Apple Store

Remote Mode - Allows unlimited remote users with compatible smart devices to monitor the live weight while within a range of about 400 feet from the i60 device

SmartLoad Unload Detection - Automatically records transactions

Bluetooth 4.0 - Wireless transfer of weight data eliminates the need to run cables to cab

Wi-Fi - All reports can be e-mailed when a Wi-Fi connection is available eliminating the need to carry a USB flash drive

Simple Touchscreen Operation - Automatically measures, records, and organizes loads from cart to truck. Allows selection of field, truck, destination, operator and cart from display screen

Easy Editing - Loads may be edited easily on the smart device allowing the user to maintain an accurate database

Reports - Reports can be simply e-mailed when the iForeman device is connected to Wi-Fi. This allows users to review relevantreports in a timely manner even if they are not at the field harvesting

Display Smoothing - Keeps the weight responsive while loading or unloading, and stable at other times

Click here to view the iForeman product page
Click here to view the i60 Serial Processor product page

Click here to view the iForeman Q&A page

Click here to download the i60 Serial Processor specifications
Click here to download the iForeman Quick-Start Guide
Click here to download the iForeman FAQ
Click here to download the Grain Cart (Grain Chaser) Weighing Systems brochure

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The "Weigh" to Maximize your Farm Profits

Smart Farm Solutions

Grain Cart (Grain Chaser) Weighing Solutions

 Proof of yields for Federal Crop insurance
 Verify/calibrate combine yield monitor
 Analyze yield performance

Feed Ration Management Weighing Solutions

 Drive Profitability with Efficient Solutions
 Calculate True Feed Costs
 Improve Herd Health

Animal / Livestock Weighing Solutions

 Bluetooth EID capable via herd management software
 Chute Weigh - Easily converts existing squeeze chute (cattle crush) into scale
 Alley Weigh - solution for narrow alley ways and smaller livestock

Planting and Seed Tender Weighing Solutions

 Verify planter seeding rate/calibration
 Evenly distribute seed when filling hoppers
 Fill hopper to exact amount needed to finish field

Application Management Weighing Solutions

 Manage application rate of costly fertilizer
 Track total manure or fertilizer spread per field
 Helps meet EPA and regional environmental requirements

Inventory Control Weighing Solutions

 Bin and Hopper Scales
 Legal and not Legal for Trade Truck Scales
 Platform Scales