Monday, September 1, 2014

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One Solution for Two Seasons; Planting & Harvesting

Introducing the new accurate way to manage planting and harvest data, improve bottom line and effciency of your operation.

The addition of the Seed Tender application to the Field Foreman software's existing Grain Cart application provides the user with a single scale indicator solution for Planting and Harvesting.

As well as providing a single solution for your planting and harvesting needs, the Seed Tender software, which currently is available on our 3060 touchscreen indicator, also provides time saving benefits including efficient tracking of individual proboxes or hoppers on the seed tender. The Seed Tender application software allows the user to track up to 8 proboxes or hoppers with a single scale system.

Key Field Foreman Seed Tender application features:

      One solution for two seasons: Planting & Harvesting: Save Money by Using same indicator on your seed tender for planting and on your grain cart for harvesting
      Track individual weights in each hopper or probox container on your seed tender with the existing single scale system
      Track up to eight separate hoppers/proboxes with one scale system
      Easily fill planter hoppers evenly
      Reduce seed cleanout and eliminate risk of running out of seed
      Measure seed used between farms and partnerships
      Easily track Hybrid type and Hybrid lot number by field
      Easily calculate planter load size by entering in acres and seeds per acre
      Alarm sounds and screen flashes once half way point is met when loading a 2 hopper planter
      Easily track which seed treatments where used by field
      Enter custom capacity information for each planter on your operation
      Data transfers to and from Field Foreman PC via USB stick: Easily create custom reports showing which hybrids, total hybrid weight planted, average seeding rate, lot number, and seed treatment used for each field


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The "Weigh" to Maximize your Farm Profits

Smart Farm Solutions

Grain Cart (Grain Chaser) Weighing Solutions

 Proof of yields for Federal Crop insurance
 Verify/calibrate combine yield monitor
 Analyze yield performance

Feed Ration Management Weighing Solutions

 Drive Profitability with Efficient Solutions
 Calculate True Feed Costs
 Improve Herd Health

Animal / Livestock Weighing Solutions

 Bluetooth EID capable via herd management software
 Chute Weigh - Easily converts existing squeeze chute (cattle crush) into scale
 Alley Weigh - solution for narrow alley ways and smaller livestock

Planting and Seed Tender Weighing Solutions

 Verify planter seeding rate/calibration
 Evenly distribute seed when filling hoppers
 Fill hopper to exact amount needed to finish field

Application Management Weighing Solutions

 Manage application rate of costly fertilizer
 Track total manure or fertilizer spread per field
 Helps meet EPA and regional environmental requirements

Inventory Control Weighing Solutions

 Bin and Hopper Scales
 Legal and not Legal for Trade Truck Scales
 Platform Scales